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How It Started

A long time ago, George and Asya got to know each other as students at the Medical Academy in Plovdiv, where they were studying dentistry. After graduating, they lived and worked together in several cities and villages around Bulgaria. Bulgaria’s conversion to free-market democracy was George’s prompt to seize the opportunity to practice independently.

In March 1992, Dr Genchevi established one of the first dental practices in the City of Seven Hills and have served the Plovdiv community ever since. It was a challenging new beginning without a patient base, in a new location and in extremely dynamic and uncertain times.

Twenty years later, Dr Genchevi Dental Care is in the same location, but much improved and serving thousands of satisfied and loyal, local and foreign patients.


  • 1992: Starting from square one.
  • Major reinvestment in higher qualification, modern equipment and materials.
  • Mastering and introducing new treatment methods. Catching up to the level of European and American colleagues.
  • Building a strong internet presence.
  • Developing dental tourism and attracting patients from all parts of Europe.
  • Achieved 5 stars at Google Local.
  • Awarded 99% satisfaction at, voted by patients.
  • 2012: Twentieth anniversary of our successful and thoroughly private practice.

All of the above happened in amazingly dynamic times. Colored by street protests, hyperinflation, overthrown governments, but also by entering a new millennium, heady economic growth, joining NATO and the EU, and many more now forgotten ups and downs, the story of our dental clinic seems surreal. It has been magical for us. It still is.

Thank You

We are happy to say that throughout all these years we have built and nurtured many happy and mutually beneficial relationships with our patients and we take this opportunity to thank them for their loyalty and continued support.

We are aware that going to the dentist seems like a daunting task to many people. This is why we take the time to communicate with our patients and put them in the right frame of mind before commencing any treatment. Long years of practice have taught us that this results in a stress-free experience both for our patients and for us.

You can count on us!

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