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Dental Implants
Basal implantology is a new trend in dentistry rapidly gaining momentum.  It starts where conventional implantology leaves off. It does not require costly procedures such as bone grafting and sinus lifting.  The implants used are intended for immediate loading of the construction – within 72 hours.  This is the time needed for one or all missing teeth of the patient to be replaced with a beautiful, fixed structure. Interested?  Contact ...
Materials for Dental Restorations
Materials for Dental Restorations Different types of materials are used in dental restorations. As science and technology advance, new compounds and new methods of using them are discovered, and old ones – discarded. For simplicity’s sake, two broad classes of materials can be defined: those that have metal and those that don’t. Within each class there are higher grade materials and lower grade materials.
Types of Dental Restorations
Types of Dental Restorations Restorative dentistry deals with replacing missing teeth or restoring damaged ones. There are the following types of restorations: fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, and implants. You will find more information about fillings in the section on General Dentistry. Here, we go over the remaining types of restorations. CrownsA crown is a single, tooth-shaped cap used in restorative dentistry.
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