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December 26th, 2012

What is periodontitis?
Periodontitis is a medical condition affecting the gums, the surrounding tissues and the jawbones. The big word comes from the Greek peri-odont (around the teeth) and the suffix -itis standing for inflammation. Commonly known as gum disease, periodontitis damages the gums and consumes the jawbone which makes it the leading cause of teeth loss. It is the second most common dental disease after tooth decay.

Note: There is a difference between periodontitis and gingivitis. Usually they occur in the following progression: a minor gum inflammation turns into gingivitis (serious inflammation of the gums), which, if left untreated, evolves into periodontitis.

Note: While gingivitis can be cured, periodontitis is a condition (like diabetes or high blood pressure) and it cannot be cured. Periodontitis can only be treated and managed.

What causes periodontitis?

How can I know whether I have periodontitis?

How do you treat periodontitis?

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